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We believe yoga is for all people, from all walks of life regardless of religion, level of fitness, flexibility or size. From the professional athlete to senior citizens and all peopel in between!

We offer affordable yoga classes that makes yoga accessible to ALL people.

The Yoga Oasis was founded in 2001 when we began teaching Traditonal Hot Yoga from the Bishnu Ghosh lineage of yoga.  We have expanded our teaching style and types of yoga classes over the years and in addition to a variety Traditional Hot Yoga our class portfolio now includes  Yin Yoga, Deep Stretch & Qigong. The Yoga Oasis is a  Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance.

Yoga is an amazing form of exercise that can be practiced daily! That's right daily!

Consistency is the key and the game changer for healing your body and for improving flexibility in your spine.

Our philosophy?  It's simple;

"Do what you can do within your range of motion today and then come back tomorrow and do more."

  • Yoga helps strengthen, stretch, detoxify and de-stress the body.
  • Yoga improves focus, clears the mind of "mental' cobwebs, and enhances overall well being.

The Yoga Oasis is a place for you to relax and take a break from the busy details of life. 

The beauty of the our yoga classes are they offer a challenge enough for all levels, yet not too extreme and therefore accessbile to everyone. http://yogaoasis.azurewebsites.net/new-to-yoga

 Our classes are for beginners and life long practitioners alike, regardless of your flexibility or level of fitness. These classes are yoga classes for life and for all people. 

You will find quality instruction at The Yoga Oasis with all of our instructors friendly, well trained with years of experience in multiple lineages of yoga, passionate about sharing yoga, and certified to teach yoga.

Tradtional Hot Yoga Classes are sequenced and built from the poses and philosophies of  Bishnu Ghosh - Ghosh Lineage Yoga, Jimmy Barkan - Barkan Method Hot Yoga,  Bikram Choudhury - Bikram Yoga, Tony Sanchez - Tony Sanchez Yoga , Diane Neuman - "How to Get the Dragons Our of Your Temple" and Greg Gumicio - Yoga To The People.

Our instructors hold a variety of teaching certifications and continuing education certifications in Bikram Yoga, Barkan Method Hot Yoga, Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Levels 2 & 3, Bryan Kest Power Yoga, Baron Baptiste Yoga Level 1 and Level 2 , Sarah Powers - Yin/ Yang Training,Taoist YinYoga Master & Qigong Master , Paulie Zink, Dr.Nan Lu, Tai Chi Master and Doctor of Chinese Medicine in various programs of Qi Meridian Therapy and Qigong and Stott Pilates.

There is no judgment, no competition, just great yoga in a friendly place! 

We are an independent and locally owned yoga studio.  As owners that work in our business by teaching yoga classes and running the business we strive daily to maintain the highest quality of customer service  and quality yoga instruction to best serve ALL students! 

Yoga for All People!  

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I have been participating in yoga classes at The Yoga Oasis since I first moved to Charlotte. I tried several other facilities when I first moved to town, but The Yoga Oasis was the only one that fit my needs/wants. I have always enjoyed participating in all yoga classes. I can tell a huge difference when I participate regularly in the classes in my flexibility, stress level, sleeping pattern and core strength. I'm a HUGE fan of the new 60 minute Fire Sequence. I felt like the 90 minutes were always so hard for me to commit to, so I love the flexibility of the two class offerings. I also love the Long, Slow, Deep class. I can tell a difference in my normal daily life and other workouts from both classes. The flexibility I'm getting is amazing!! Not to mention I feel soooooo good!!
-Julie H
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