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Dec, 12, 2016


About Ghosh Yoga

Ghosh Yoga was developed in India by Bishnu Charan Ghosh with the intention of being accessible to everyone, not just youths or athletes. He wanted the benefits of yoga to be available to "householders," ordinary people who work and raise families. His system of yoga is simple and clear, efficiently healing the body, reducing stress and quieting the mind.

Ghosh Yoga creates complete health in the body with the principles of physical alignment, stillness, and postures designed to exercise all parts of the body including the muscles, bones, joints, organs, digestion, circulatory, endocrine and nervous systems. These postures are practiced in a sequence to be therapeutic to the body. The Ghosh lineage traditionally contains 84 postures.

Physical Alignment: We use our body most effectively when we use it correctly. For this reason all the sciences of the body and movement are valuable to us: anatomy, bio-mechanics, kinesiology, physiology, physics and chemistry. These wells of knowledge inform how we use our body and allow us to get the most benefit by using correct effort and intention, because even the greatest effort is detrimental if executed in the wrong direction. Alignment is simply another word for "proper use of the body." Improper use can lead to stalled progress and injury.

Stillness: The postures are performed one at a time, without the "flow" that is present in many styles of yoga. Each posture is meant to stretch, compress and stimulate specific regions of the body followed by a brief (5-20 seconds) rest whereby the body resets and circulation returns to normal. Ideally, postures are held in stillness for 10-30 seconds. The stillness promotes good alignment, improved body awareness and an inward focus.

With 84 postures, there is great flexibility in the Ghosh system. All 84 postures are not intended to be practiced in one session. Many are inappropriate for students because of difficulty or contraindication in their health or disposition. For classroom purposes, there are two common abbreviated sequences are: the beginning 26+2, popularized by Bikram Choudhury (Bikram Yoga) and the intermediate Core 40 (a slightly more elaborate series of postures codified by Tony Sanchez, with postures for hip opening, abdominal strength, and arm balancing).

When students become more advanced, they draw from the lineage to use what is beneficial for their unique body, mind and disposition. To use the yoga as a healing tool or for specific physical therapy, a qualified teacher will select exercises for each individual student.
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I love the instructors and the easy going , non-competitive environment at the studio. The yoga has helped with both physical and emotional healing.
-Leslie C
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