Ghosh Lineage + Deep Stretch = Harmony and Balance

Jun, 20, 2016


Ghosh Lineage Postures  + Deep Stretch Postures = The Yog Oasis's unique Harmony and Balance Class.

The perfect class to allow the body to be gently strengthened and the mind to be gently calmed.  A perfect combination of postures for focus and strength in the standing practice moving to a withdrawal of the senses and calming the mind in the floor postures.


What can you expect during the Harmony & Balance Yoga class?

We start with a breathing exercise and standing postures to improve strength and balance warming up the major muscle groups, improving circulation and lung capacity.

The intention of the class is to encourage the muscles to lengthen, stretch and strengthen while releasing tension held in the body and mind. The majority of the class consists of floor postures that release tension in the hips, low back,neck, and shoulders.  We end class with a breathing exercise to further calm the mind and body.

We want you to you leave this class with your body stronger and relieved of tension while your mind feels relaxed, calm and peaceful .  

This class is appropriate for all level of yoga practitioners.  The room is a Goldilocks temperature.  Not too hot and not too cold, just right.  

All are welcome!







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I love the way yoga makes me feel. Physically I feel stronger and more flexible. Mentally I love the calm of yoga.
-Christi H
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