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These are local businesses we love. We have found them to be leaders in their fields, sharing their unique talents and fun to work with.  Check them out, we think you'll find we live in a great city with some amazing people!


Dr. Kevin Kim - We personally use him as do many of our students and we highly recommend him.

Evergreen Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic

Eco-Friendly - Spunky Avocado

Personal Training

Lewis Fitness - Locate  in Courtyard Shopping Center

Diamond Creek Alkaline Water

Not drinking alkaline water yet?   Hit Diamond Creek's website and read all the benefits.

Fit You Meals 

Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Home or Office - Personally use and recommend!

Fit You Meals


Use this coupon code , “YOGA20” , for 20% off your first order!

Bruks Bars - We eat them everyday, really we do!

Bruks Bars - Made in Charlotte NC- Vegan & Delicious! - Love these bars! 

Locally owned Health Food & Restaurants close to our studio located in the Dilworth neighborhood.

BerryBrook Farms

Berrybrook Farm

Luna's Living Kitchen

Lunas Living Kitchen


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Yoga Buzz

Ghosh Lineage

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I love the healing quality of the classes and also the instructions given by all of the yoga teachers. All of the teachers have personally given me such tender loving care and have made me feel the healing of yoga mentally, physically and spiritually in their own way. The Yoga Oasis has become home to me and I attend regularly for continued growth and healing.
-Celia H
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