Massage Therapy

Assists in the detox & healing process of your body before or after your yoga class

Assists in healing injuries

 Brings relief to stress caused by everyday living 

Back -N-Balance Massage, Tanning, Skin & Spa Treatments


Crystal Bishop - LMBT #8879

Owner of Back-N-Balance - Located inside The Yoga Oasis





Hours - Monday - Saturday 9am - 8 pm


Tony Hill 

Tony's Therapeutic Thai Yoga Massage












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Ghosh Lineage

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I have been participating in yoga classes at The Yoga Oasis since I first moved to Charlotte. I tried several other facilities when I first moved to town, but The Yoga Oasis was the only one that fit my needs/wants. I have always enjoyed participating in all yoga classes. I can tell a huge difference when I participate regularly in the classes in my flexibility, stress level, sleeping pattern and core strength. I'm a HUGE fan of the new 60 minute Fire Sequence. I felt like the 90 minutes were always so hard for me to commit to, so I love the flexibility of the two class offerings. I also love the Long, Slow, Deep class. I can tell a difference in my normal daily life and other workouts from both classes. The flexibility I'm getting is amazing!! Not to mention I feel soooooo good!!
-Julie H
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