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We are a membership-based, reservation only studio beginning July 9, 2017.  Single Classes will be available for purchase online when space is available in class.   Reservations for all classes must be made online.  DETAILS COMING SOON ON MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS


Allow yourself time to learn.  Pace yourself when you come to class, rest if you need to, do what you can. Remember it's not a race and no one is going to win the yoga class!

What to Bring...

Bring a yoga mat.  You may also want to bring a beach-sized towel or a Yogitoe skidless yoga towel to cover your mat during class. 

What to Wear...

Wear whatever you feel you can comfortably move in without limitation. 

What to Eat & Drink...

Avoid caffenated beverages before class and hydrate well. Try not eat heavy meals 2 hours before class.

About Our Traditional Hatha Yoga Classes ...

Tradtional Hatha Yoga Classes are sequenced and built from the poses and philosophies of

 Bishnu Ghosh - Ghosh Lineage Yoga

 Jimmy Barkan - Barkan Method Hot Yoga

 Greg Gumicio - Yoga To The People

Tony Sanchez - Tony Sanchez Yoga

 Diane Neuman - "How to Get the Dragons Our of Your Temple"


Health Benefits of Traditional Hatha Yoga 

Reduce Stress

Improve Balance & Coordination

Increase Energy

Build Stamina

Increase Flexibility

Improve Concentration & Focus

Improve Strength

Develop Muscle Tone

Lower Blood Pressure

Relieve Stress Headaches

Promote Relaxation

Improve Sleep


What if I'm not flexible?
This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. Yoga is not about how flexible you are. Yoga is about stretching your body and spine on a regular basis, which will cause your body to function at its optimal level.  Aches and pain, stiffness and puffiness will be drastically reduced by a regular practice. Flexibility, stamina and strength will naturally become part of your life.


Can I get a cardiovascular workout from yoga? No matter what your level of fitness you will find the Ghosh System of Traditonal Hatha Yoga challenging. Standing postures are designed to warm your body, open the muscles and joints systematically, and improve your endurance. You will find your heart rate at a cardiovascular level of conditioning during many of the standing postures. 

Similar to the effect of a tourniquet: the muscles are stretching and contracting all at the same time (push/pull effect similar to a rubber band) temporarily cutting of blood supply to the major organs and glands in the body. When the stretch is released, high-speed oxygen rich blood is allowed to rush back into those areas nourishing the body on the inner level. 

How often should I attend class?
For maximum results a regular practice of 10-12  sessions in a 30-day period is recommended.  Yoga is therapeutic and diagnostic. With regular practice these postures can help your body heal old injuries and also prevent new injuries while awakening the natural healing powers of your body.



Improves joint mobility

Increases natural range of motion

Appropriate Expansion of the joints & connective tissue ( fascia)

Major energy meridians are gently stretched

Stillness in the postures allows your mind to unplug from constant stimulation of smartphones, computers, TV

Perfect for healing injuries, recovery after an illness and surgery.(With Doctor's approval)




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I have been participating in yoga classes at The Yoga Oasis since I first moved to Charlotte. I tried several other facilities when I first moved to town, but The Yoga Oasis was the only one that fit my needs/wants. I have always enjoyed participating in all yoga classes. I can tell a huge difference when I participate regularly in the classes in my flexibility, stress level, sleeping pattern and core strength. I'm a HUGE fan of the new 60 minute Fire Sequence. I felt like the 90 minutes were always so hard for me to commit to, so I love the flexibility of the two class offerings. I also love the Long, Slow, Deep class. I can tell a difference in my normal daily life and other workouts from both classes. The flexibility I'm getting is amazing!! Not to mention I feel soooooo good!!
-Julie H
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