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Don't worry ~ we were nervous our first time too!

Allow yourself time to learn. If you were to take up running would you start with a 10 mile run your first day? Of course not! Pace yourself when you come to class, rest when you need to, do what you can do, just try to do the postures the right way you'll get the benefits even your very first class.  Read more about Traditional Hot Yoga in our "Yoga Buzz "Blog. Beginners, our Traditional Hot Yoga Classes are safe and easy to follow.

What to Bring...

Bring a yoga mat, beach-sized towel or a Yogitoe skidless yoga towel to cover your mat during class.  We rent  mats and Yogitoe skidless towels at the studio. 

What to Wear...

For our hot classes wear light clothing, whatever you feel comfortable with. Keep in mind the room is heated and you will sweat! If you don't like the heat no worries we offer classes that aren't heated too.(Look under our schedule at Yoga Classes)

What to Eat & Drink...

Avoid coffee before class, and drink lots of water. Try not eat any heavy meals 2-3 hours before practicing, and arrive well hydrated.

About Our Hot Classes ...

Tradtional Hot Yoga Classes are sequenced and built from the poses and philosophies of

 Bishnu Ghosh - Ghosh Lineage Yoga

 Jimmy Barkan - Barkan Method Hot Yoga

 Greg Gumicio - Yoga To The People

 Bikram Choudhury - Bikram Yoga

Tony Sanchez - Tony Sanchez Yoga

 Diane Neuman - "How to Get the Dragons Our of Your Temple"



Health Benefits of Traditional Hot Yoga 

Accelerates Weight Loss

Reduce Stress

Improve Balance & Coordination

Increase Energy

Build Stamina

Increase Flexibility

Improve Concentration & Focus

Improve Strength

Develop Muscle Tone

Lower Blood Pressure

Relieve Stress Headaches

Promote Relaxation

Improve Sleep



What if I'm not flexible?
This is the most common misconception that prevents people from coming to a yoga class. Yoga is not about how flexible you are. Yoga is about stretching your body and spine on a regular basis, which will cause your body to function at its optimal level.  Aches and pain, stiffness and puffiness will be drastically reduced by a regular practice. Flexibility, stamina and strength will naturally become part of your life.


Can I get a cardiovascular workout from yoga?
No matter what your level of fitness you will find Traditional Hot Yoga challenging. Standing postures are designed to warm your body, open the muscles and joints systematically, and improve your endurance. You will find your heart rate at a cardiovascular level of conditioning during many of the standing postures. 

Similar to the effect of a tourniquet: the muscles are stretching and contracting all at the same time (push/pull effect similar to a rubber band) temporarily cutting of blood supply to the major organs and glands in the body. When the stretch is released, high-speed oxygen rich blood is allowed to rush back into those areas nourishing the body on the inner level.


Why the heat?

The room is intentionally hot!  The heat does many things. It protects the muscles and allows for deeper stretching sooner in the practice, maximizing the practice time. It helps to loosen up tight areas of the body especially in the spine. The skin is the body’s largest organ and is the easiest way to detoxify the body, through the perspiration. 



How often should I attend class?
For maximum results a regular practice of 10 sessions in a 30-day period is recommended.  For life-changing results three or more times per week. The primary purpose of this system of yoga is therapy.  This yoga is therapeutic and diagnostic. With regular practice these postures can help your body heal old injuries and also prevent new injuries while enhancing the healing powers of the body.


What to Expect After a Traditional Hot Yoga Class 

What to expect after class.....


  • Be proud of yourself for finishing the class. Hydrate with water and electrolytes more than you are used to. You have all kinds of choices when it comes to electrolytes: Coconut water, Vitamin water (no sugar), and Ultimo Replenishesr no sugar).


  • Everyone has a first class…whatever happened is OK.  We have all been there. Talk to the teachers or regular students about your questions.  It is normal to not be able to do everything, to not hear all the instructions, to feel hot, or to have simply had the best experience of your life. IT IS OK.  You may feel tired after your first few classes or be full of energy– everyone has different experiences. If you feel tired, don’t work as hard your next class, take it easy, do a little less and come back tomorrow!


  • If you felt kind of sick (nauseous, headachy or weak) during class…these are normal sensations. Your body has just released a lot of toxins and your body is being exercised inside and out.


  • You might feel sore, especially the next day. Come back as soon as you can. A few days of consecutive classes will help with the soreness, help you adjust to the heat quickly and you will begin to feel the benefits


  • Don’t give up on this therapeutic system of yoga or yourself after just one class. Give it a solid two weeks of consistent practice to really reap the benefits.
  • For most of us, we don't practice Traditional Hot Yoga for how we feel in class but how we feel 30 minutes or one hour after class!
  • The benefits after maximum effort, we receive maximum relaxation.

What to Remember When You Come Back Tomorrow after a Traditional Hot Yoga Class


1.         Staying in the room is your main goal

2.         Find Stillness between the postures

3.         Remember your breath saves you before your water (hold off on water until between postures)

4.         Set up in the middle of the room so you can follow other students

5.         Nausea/Dizziness/Lightheadedness are all normal sensations.

6.         Do not worry if you cannot do everything. You will catch on. Patience is part of the benefits of a regular yoga practice.

7.         When you come into the room, bring only your mat, towel and water. Absolutely no cell phones, no keys, no purses, etc.

8.         It is ok to sweat. The sweat is your air conditioning. Bring a big towel or Yogi Toes and please stay on your towel/mat during the practice.


Most Important!  Do not… Run out of class as soon as final breathing is over

Savasana also knows as Healing Body Pose is the final pose in every class and it is truely where the yoga magic happens.

In stillness your body integrates the postures you have just completed in your hot yoga class. It is absolutely necessary to rest 2 to 5 minutes in the final resting pose to cool down and allow your body time to integrate the benefits of your hard work.  




Improves joint mobility

Increases natural range of motion

Appropriate Expansion of the joints & connective tissue ( fascia)

Major energy meridians are gently stretched

Stillness in the postures allows your mind to unplug from constant stimulation of smartphones, computers, TV

Perfect for healing injuries



Open blocked or stagnant energy in the body that interferes with the body's natural ability to heal

Re-charge your body, build your vital energy and feel what shifts in your body and your life

Reduce stress, anxiety and worry

Improve quality of restful sleep

Increase natural healing from surgery, illness or injuries

Relieve pain sensations in the body from blocked energy

Be Natural, Be Free, Be Happy, Be Healthy!



Targets tight hamstrings, tight hips and tight shoulders

Releases tension in the hips & shoulders which results in more easeful movement of the low back and knees

Improved range of motion in the neck and shoulders

Release of tension held on the inner level

Allows for deep relaxation

- See more at:


Studio Information and Studio Manners

Our spacious center offers Men's and Women's changing rooms with showers and restrooms. The facilities are available for 30 minutes after class.

No pre-registration required for classes. Please arrive to class 10-15 minutes early. Our classes begin promptly on time.

The studio has lockers for personal belongings. Please bring your own lock.

Please turn off or silence your phone when you arrive. All cell phone use is to be done outside of the studio and reception area.

No shoes, bags or personal belongings in the yoga room, please.

No leaning on or touching mirrors in the yoga room.

No glass bottles of water or juice in the yoga studio.

For all  Traditional Hot Yoga classes towels or yogi toes  that cover your yoga mat are required!  We rent yogi toes for $3 .

Have fun!

There is no judgment!

There is no competition!

There is only great yoga in a friendly place!


2400 Park Road Suite A  

 The Courtyard Shopping Center in the Historic Dilworth Neighborhood

Opposite end of Toast Cafe & Next Door to J.T.Posh






Yoga Buzz

Ghosh Lineage

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Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone I have been in contact with since I first showed up this past Sunday. You have all been very gracious and helpful to a newbie. I will admit I was a little skeptical of yoga at first but after 3 classes I have really developed an appreciation for the not only the physical but the mental benefits of yoga. I'm always spent at the end of class but my mind is totally calm and the energy I feel 10 minutes afterwards is amazing. Yoga is a true challenge to the mind and body which will make me a better athlete and person. Thanks for what you all do and I look forward to my continued growth through practicing yoga. Allan
-Allan A
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