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Update - May 31, 2017

"Sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together"

The Yoga Oasis lost its lease in Dilworth BUT this has lead us, Elaine and Lee, to a new beginning.  We will continue to teach yoga classes at a new location in the Madison Park / SouthPark area of Charlotte, NC. We anticipate classes to begin Summer 2017.  We are excited about our new location and our new concept. We will continue to teach what we love and teach best, the Ghosh Lineage of Traditional Hatha Yoga and Taoist Lineage of Yin Yoga. We continue to be devoted and feel strongly about these two styles of yoga that are proven to be therapeutic amplifying the life force energy of the body and mind. These two styles of yoga are accessible to all bodies. Size or age are not a factor to enjoy the health benefits of a consistent yoga practice in these two styles.

Although we will not have our own studio we will be sharing space with others whose services are conducive to and complement our yoga classes.  We are still working on the details of the new arrangements.

April 28, 2017

To our Dear Yoga Students,

We have lost our lease in The Courtyard Shopping Center and we have not been able to find another suitable location in Dilworth with adequate parking at a lease rate that works for our business. Commercial Retail space in Dilworth is very different from when the studio moved from SouthEnd in 2003 and parking for a business like this in Dilworth is limited. With the increase of the retail space, the overhead is too high and we have been priced out of Dilworth, after 16 years of business we are sad to report we are closing our doors.

Our heartfelt thanks to you our students for your years of loyalty, it has been a great pleasure to share yoga with each of you. We do not think of you as yoga students, you are our yoga family and we are so grateful for having the opportunity to connect with you through yoga. Teaching yoga has never been a job for us, it's always been a calling of the heart to do something that is very meaningful to us personally and has powerful benefits for others on so many levels. 

We thank our excellent teachers for their dedication and their passion for sharing yoga with our students. Our teachers have been an integral part of our yoga studio as they have given us and you, the students their very best!

This is a very difficult decision for us to make as we have put our hearts & souls into the yoga studio so The Yoga Oasis could be a respite, "A breathing space" from the stresses of daily life. We will miss you all so very much! Please come in to use your remaining classes on your class package and use money remaining on your account. You are welcome to share classes from your class package with friends and family. 

We will close the studio with the last class being held on Memorial Monday, May 29th at 10 am.

With love to all,

Elaine and Lee

Styles of Yoga We Teach at The Yoga Oasis, Inc.
Traditional Hot Yoga is a style of yoga that we teach from the Ghosh Lineage System not a specific relationship to the temperature in the yoga room.  
This style of yoga can have added heat, use residual heat or no added heat at all.  
 Classes taught in a warm room or moderately warm room feel like a warm summer day .
  Classes with added heat feel like a hot summer day.  
The heat is intended to enhance your yoga practice not deplete your energy.  
Yin Yoga is for improving joint mobility and increasing a natural range of motion without limitation. 
The practice consists of floor postures held for two to five minutes exerting very little energy which allows for the safe and appropriate expansion of the joints and connective tissues (fascia) while gently stretching the major energy meridians of the body.  
This practice compliments the more muscular or Yang forms of yoga and exercise giving the joints a rest. 
Letting go and finding stillness in each posture is the Yin experience. 
Slow and Low - We use floor postures that target tension held in the hips, shoulders , neck, and low back for improved flexibility & mobility.
 As we relieve tension in the hips, tight hamstrings, tight shoulders, and tight, achy low backs the result is more easeful movement, improved mobility and improved range of motion. 
When the body is flexible and supple it will be less prone to sports injuries.
  HIIT, Cross Fit, boxers, runners, tennis players, weight lifters, golfers, cyclists and desk jockeys, the young the old the meek and the bold, all will benefit from this class. 
The yoga room is warm and dimly lit giving you the opportunity to allow your body and mind to be gently relieved. 
There is no heat added to the yoga room during this class. 

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries.
Without them, humanity cannot survive." 
Dalai Lama XIV,










1/2 Moon Backbending - Ghosh Lineage 

The posture
· Stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and prepares the body for action. · Backward bending warms and energizes the body. · Helps counteract damage of bad posture from hours of sitting and stress. · Improves mobility of the shoulders. · Relieves back pain and realigns the spine. · Promotes proper kidney and lung function. · Supports digestive function by increasing cleansing circulation to the central channel of the body stretching the lower abdomen.

Energetically, backbending develops confidence and emotional strength.#yoga#clt #cltfitnesss #hotyoga #yin #yinyang





The Yoga Oasis, Inc. Traditional Hot Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 2016 - Level 1

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certification -  Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School

Who is this Teacher Training for?

*  Those who want to deepen their knowledge & understanding of Traditonal Hot Yoga and advance their practice

*  Those who have an existing yoga practice in any yoga lineage and want to teach Tradtional Hot Hatha Yoga

* Those who are already teaching yoga and want to expand your teaching potential & marketablity

* Dance, Fitness, Martial Arts and Yoga Studio Owners  who want to offer diversity of classesa at your existing studio with potential to grow and expand your business


If you would like more information 

 E mail us

We are happy to answer any questions!


What Makes our Teacher Training Unique?

* We are teaching Traditional Hot Hatha Yoga from the Bishnu Ghosh lineage. The same style of yoga that we teach and practice at our studio in Charlotte, NC.  Traditonal Hot Yoga is a style of yoga not a specific relationship to a room temperature. This lineage style is know for it's theraputic and healing benefits for all bodies and all ages.

* Our method of training is focused on Active Learning, engaging the individual to find their unique voice rather than memorize a script.

* Our focus is to empower the individual with informative explanations of the principle foundations of alignment in the postures with an understanding of the health, physical, energetic and emotional benefits of the postures and the posture sequences.

* Our goal is to share this powerful and transformative healing system of yoga and guide each participant in developing their own teaching skills and style in a natural way.

When Does the Training Begin and How Much Does it Cost?

* 2016 Training Starts Saturday - March 19, 2016  and Concludes Sunday - October 16, 2016  

* Formatted to meet one weekend a month on Saturday & Sunday over 8 months to accomadate individuals with families and careeers.

* Our goal is to provide a quality program that does not require leaving your job or family for an extended period.

* Early Registration - $2300 by February 28, 2016. Registration in full includes Yogitoe Skidless Hot Yoga towel from Manduka.

* Payment Plan -$500 non refundable deposit by February 28, 2016 - 8 monthly payments of $225 auto deducted the 20th of each month.

* UNLIMITED Monthly Yoga pass included - $695 value

* All training held at The Yoga Oasis yoga studio in Charlotte, NC


Weekend Training Dates

March 19 & 20

Apri 23 & 24

May 21 & 22

June 25 & 26

July 23 & 24

August 20 & 21

September 17 & 18

October 15 & 16

Curriculum Topics & Subjects of Interest

* Traditional Hot Yoga -  The "26/2" sequence and the "Fire" sequence in both 60 minute and 90 minute formats

* Posture Clinics

* Anatomy & Physiology

* Yoga Philosophy & Ethics

* Practice Teaching

* Elective Subjects - Ayurveda Seasons & Doshas

* Chakras, Energy Centers 


What Do Recent Graduates Say About Teacher Training at The Yoga Oasis ?


"The training provided an excellent opportunity for me to deepen my practice.  The study of the postures and alignment brought a much deeper level of mindfulness to my practice.  After practicing for five years, I had learned (almost memorized) what was coming next; unfortunately I also had begun to check out.  The training forced me to think about the postures, the alignment details...and also helped me improve my practice by bringing my mind back to my alignment.  Cues I had ignored or tuned out became an integral part of my personal practice.
The other piece of the training that helped with my personal practice was (surprisingly!) scaling back my energy during class.  By focusing more on my alignment without expending as much energy, I was able to increase my depth in the postures safely.   
Lee and Elaine made this the top priority of the training.  We were given lots and lots of time to practice teaching the postures in small groups and in front of the whole class.  
We, as teacher trainees, were required to spend a lot of time taking classes as well.  Hearing the details of the postures from different teachers better equipped to lead my own class- all the way from the greeting to final savasana."  Audrey Gauss RYT 2014 
"The Traditional Hatha Hot Yoga training was excellent. It deepened my understanding of my own postures and alignment in my personal practice and provided me with the tools to begin teaching. The instructors are very knowledgeable, warm and encouraging. They provide clear directions about how to teach and honest feedback, along with support and encouragement, demonstrating qualities that are important for a yoga teacher to convey to a class. I gained valuable knowledge that I was able to use to teach right away, as well as knowledge about myself and my practice that will continue to inform my practice for years to come. I am so glad that I took the training!"  Laura Bivins RYT 2014







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I love the instructors at Yoga Oasis. They are all top notch and really care about the students. Each has something unique to offer & I've learned a lot at this studio about my practice.
-Melinda M.
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