Yin Yoga for Everyone

Apr, 30, 2014


The perfect practice for everyone!  Elaine , co-owner of The Yoga Oasis in Charlotte, NC is a  gifted Master Yoga instructor in the Taoist lineage of Yin Yoga.  Her classes are led with gentle guidance and filled with information about the health benefits of Yin Yoga.YIN yoga 

Yin Yoga is for improving joint mobility and increasing natural range of motion without limitation.

The practice consists of floor postures held for two to five minutes exerting very little energy which allows for the safe and appropriate expansion of the joints and connective tissues(fascia) while gently stretching the major energy meridians of the body.

This practice compliments the more muscular or Yang forms of yoga and exercise giving the joints a rest. Letting go and finding stillness in each posture is the Yin experience.

Unplug from the constant stimulation of smartphones, computers, TV and busy details of life, let your body soften and be still.

Perfect for healing injuries.

Everyone and all levels encouranged to attend this class.

Practiced in a non heated room.

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There is quiet in the studio before class starts. This allows me to relax on my own before the instructor begins class. I also think the size of the studio is just right. Yoga reduces stress in my life and keeps me physically fit and flexible.
-Laura F.
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