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Lay on the floor & stretch?  YES! Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is for improving joint mobility and relieving tension held on the inner level. The practice consists of floor postures that are held for two to five minutes which allows for the safe and appropriate expansion of the joints and the connective tissues(fascia) while clearing blockages in the major meridians(energy pathways). Relieve tension held in the low back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, and wrsits.  No experience needed to start improving your natural range of motion.  This practice complements athletic forms of yoga and exercise giving the joints a rest. Perfect for healing injuries, recovering from illness, and surgery. Unplug from the busy details of life, let your body relax and be still. Appropriate for everyone.

Like to start Slow then get moving? Yin/Stillness & Yang/Movement

The practice begins with floor postures with long holds to create space in the joints and the connective tissues. Moving into standing postures that stretch & strengthen muscles, improve balance and brain to body communication. Each practice is based on the Taoist Five Elements Energy Season cultivating balance in the body and the mind. The class concludes with deep relaxation. All levels welcome. Do what you can, from where you are, with what you have.


Stand and Move Traditional Hatha Yoga  "Earth" Sequence 

"Earth" is a Grounding & Healing Practice.

This practice comes from postures from the Ghosh System of Yoga.  Deep & grounding hip-opening postures to relieve tension held in the hips, pelvis & inner thighs.  Postures to keep your immune system strong during seasonal changes, to help relieve back tension by opening space in the side body, improve ventilation of the lungs, and improve cleansing circulation to the vital organs in the central channel of the body. New spine strengthening postures and others to take you into new places in your body.  All Levels welcome.


Stand and Move Traditional Hatha Yoga  "26/2" Sequence 

The Traditional  Yoga " 26/2" sequence comes from the Ghosh System of Yoga and Bikram's Beginning Class of postures. The classe consist of 2 breathing exercises and a series of 26 poses incorporating balance, strength, and flexibility. All classes are taught by certified and experienced yoga teachers. These classes will complement any athletes training program as well as the beginner.  

We teach the sequence in a normal temperature room, no added heat.

The Traditional Hatha Yoga class is recommended for everyone, from beginners to advanced students. The magic of this class is that everyone is practicing the same posture at different levels of ability, receiving the same benefits. There is an exact position for everyone at every level, which our trained instructors will help you find.


The Yoga Oasis's unique Harmony and Balance Class ( aka Peace & Love Yoga)

 Harmony & Balance- Ghosh postures + Deep Stretch. This class begins with a breathing exercise and standing postures to improve strength and balance while warming the major muscle groups, improving circulation and lung capacity. Class continues with active floor postures that release muscular tension in the hips, low back, neck, and shoulders. Class ends with a breathing exercise to further calm the mind and the body followed by a long relaxation. You will leave this class with a peaceful easy feeling.


Additional Classes in our Portfolio...

Fire & Water Traditional Hatha Yoga (no added heat)

This balanced practice is from the Ghosh system of yoga where there is stillness between the postures and is accessible for beginners. This is not a vinyasa "Flow" class. The Fire & Water sequence is a full body practice with postures sequenced for the practitioner to build internal heat in a natural, progressive, and efficient way.The Fire postures increase stamina, strength and improve cardiovascular conditioning complemented by Water postures that improve natural fluid movement in the shoulders, hips, and spine.

The Ghosh system of yoga is known for improving the health and flexibility of the spine with each posture while cleansing the internal organs and glands with backbends, forward folds, twists, and stretching. All levels. Practitioners are encouraged to work at their own level respecting what is an appropriate movement for each practice. 



 Ghosh Lineage - Traditional Hatha Yoga "Fire" Sequence  No added heat

This class is based upon postures from the Ghosh Lineage System of Yoga where there is stillness between each posture and is easy for beginners to access. This is not a vinyasa flow class. The "Fire" Sequence builds from the foundation of the "26/2" Sequence of postures and adds postures that build strength in the arms, shoulders, and abdomen. Ghosh Yoga takes a therapeutic approach to the body. Eash posture is designed to exercise, stretch, strengthen and cleanse a specific part of the body. The idea is to bring health to each part and then the system as a whole. Areas of focus include the muscles, joints, spine, digestive system, endocrine system, internal organs and the nervous system including the brain. This Hatha practice has a purification effect on the body working all muscles, bones, joints leaving the mind calm and the body cleansed.



Ghosh Lineage - Traditional Hatha Yoga "Wind" Sequence 

Strength with Movement is the theme of the "Wind" sequence. Sun Salutations from the Ghosh System start this practice to warm the body, build strength, and stamina. Sun Salutations are a complete practice. They prepare the body for postures that move deeper into the body cleansing the organs and glands and strengthening the spine.
Appropriate for ALL levels of yoga practitioners, beginner to advanced.
Challenge yourself with new movements( this is not a flow class) Come on in and open new spaces in your body and your mind.


What is Deep Stretch Yoga?

In the yoga world, there are many interpretations of Deep StretchYoga. We use floor postures with long holds in the postures, no standing postures. We take you systematically through postures that deeply stretch the muscles and tissues with long holds to release muscular tension for improved mobility and flexibility

 Deep Stretch for Hips, Shoulders and Low Back  Slow and Low - We use floor postures that target tension held in the hips, shoulders and low back. As we relieve tension in the hips, tight hamstrings, tight shoulders, and tight, achy low backs the result is more easeful movement, improved mobility and improved range of motion. When the body is flexible and supple it will be less prone to sports injuries. You will also benefit with the release of tension held on the inner level.  HIIT, Cross Fit, boxers, runners, tennis players, weightlifters, golfers, cyclists and desk jockeys, the young the old the meek and the bold, all will benefit from this class. The yoga room is warm and dimly lit giving you the opportunity to allow your body to be gently relieved. There is no heat added to the yoga room during this class.  





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Your body feels so open,energized and alive after the classes. Has greatly improved my flexibility and balance.
-Lucille M.
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